Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Damn I'm cold, where are my wool stockings. And feeling bored. Going to watch Wall-E tonight (what conspiracy is this, after I had written that the ending song started playing by random XD).
Still didn't get around taking photos of my sketchbook but I've been thinking about buying a new scanner when I get my salary. And I need to rearrange my working desk in any case.

Was feeling like this the other day 8-D interpret as you wish hehe
Boing. Trying to imitate the on-game style
For Mouru

Yuh. But I need to draw some other things now (other things than canines for a while ^^'')

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Autumn times

Woops, long time no updates! It's raining heavily outside again, autumn's well on its way here already.
I've been drawing a lot though, but I'm not going to upload the finished bigger drawings here now as they're already on DA. And now that I went through my files I realised that it's not digitally that I've mainly been drawing but traditionally too! Lots of sketches and that kind of stuff, hopefully I'll get around scanning them at some point. Or rather taking a photo of them as the scanner's still out of order. D:

Icons galore! Did them over on FA, I like drawing them :D and nice characters to draw too! Oh and please refrain from using these anywhere as they're quite personal commissions for people of their characters.
This is an art trade for Hapro, tried out some techniques with colouring even if it didn't show up :D haha.
And Liutti's character Lakka (cloudberry in English) in horse form. Has some faults but oh well.
That kind of stuff. While painting is lots of fun, I like just pretty much drawing digitally with inks and cell shading. 8D But hmm. Here's something else too, photos that I took on the countryside. ♥ it was a really calm afternoon, last days of summer, after this the temperatures dropped down quite a bit. Maybe these might seem a bit boring but I could personally just sit on a dock and look at beautiful landscapes for a long time. As we did :) Lakes are lovely indeed, maybe there aren't mountains or anything cool like that in Finland but I nevertheless have always enjoyed the local nature with lakes and woods and all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New character and stuff

Huhuhu, wanted to make a new kitty character :D done with Warrior Cats in mind, as I said in DA I haven't read the books that much but I do like the idea. Not RP-characters I guess, only OCs to draw. And Bern made one too, she's the sister of my character. Both are females.

That be my character, Coppertail! 83

And here's both of them, Slitear (Bern's) and my Coppertail

what else... I've been drawing a lot of random stuff lately, also traditionally but too lazy to take a photo now. Hmm... Here's a scribble done in ScribblerToo a few weeks ago. London :-D though yes I know it's geographically incorrect but I just wanted to cram those landmarks in the same pic. But a few more pics for today too.
DURR umm and coloured in photoshop
Banner for a forum 8D characters are by Banda, Napero and Pulttis

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Back from my trip to UK! Dawww had lots of fun <3
I've had quite an easy day today, watched a movie, went outside strolling randomly for a while and hmm... then I got a huge urge to draw something. Sketch done with mechanical pencil and then coloured in photoshop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I read a really good tip for drawing landscapes and wanted to give it a try, so here is some stuff I did! Each took about 15 minutes so they aren't very detailed or anything, just some basic shapes etc.
Greeeennn thing with a tilted perspective
I like this one, reminds me a bit of some jurassic scenery XD don't know why

But this one I don't like D: never liked drawing buildings/structures and lost interest in trying to render it altogether (looks... rather crappy XDD). Blergh. I like ocean with that kind of colours though.

I also created a caracal-character >3 gotta come up with a name for her though...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peaceful waters

A new picture! Inspired by Princess Mononoke and the ost. And some wips as well :D

should've taken more maybe... D8 next time then!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

First actual post

I've been trying to get my .psd thumbnails working, and after spending a lot of time trying to figure out where the problem lies... they just started working :--D (I used to saw just a blue PSD icon whereas with my old computer/PS settings I saw the preview image just fine). So as it was easier for me to see all my files now and discover some stuff, have a quite doggy post featuring unpublished art (mostly of my characters, how intriguing XD)! some of them experimental stuff..

Alanu, with slightly more cartoony style
A revamped character(sheet), Gralha the shepherd mix

Contains blood! Zion. Doing something..
An older one, GNG fanart that I never uploaded anywhere

And lastly, so as not to make this 100% canine, have a Simba! :-D colours taken straightly from a certain scene in the movie. And tried to imitate the official style somehow...

New blog

Testing testing! :) wanted to do a sketchblog/random blog in English where I could just dump some things I don't want to upload for example on DA or put on my website. Too lazy to update my personal site anyway that often.

so, welcome! First I shall see how this things works, never done a blog here before.. got the layout already up somehow.

Yep. I'll aim to update this whenever I have things to put up! So stay tuned :D

- johis