Friday, February 25, 2011


Oooh this time a little bigger post! I've actually had much more time to draw or I appear to have been more productive over the past few... weeks? Anyway, still enjoying practicing drawing people too. n_n but some other things here too.

A bookmark for Detrah!

Haha in fact I wasn't feeling angsty while drawing this :DD Il Lupo is one of my favourite characters from ACBH multiplayer (I usually play as him) and I just had gotten killed so many times that day... so I drew this. Makes sense? humm

RoxPox commission! And with a Tobyshirt 8DD
and my second favourite multiplayer character GAHHH I'm actually really happy with this! Now I just need to splash some colour on her too. Spiffy lady
a sketch for Bern's Hunter OC

The original sketch for the Quetzalcoatl picture on my DA

and... something. Pretty general, I never felt like finishing this, maybe one day.
And also something else, here's my current favourite song! Or maybe not my most favourite song ever but the song you just suddenly want to play over and over again, if you know what I mean :DD loveityaahhhhh just wanted to share!

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