Monday, January 03, 2011

Oh oh

Time for explanations :--D I forgot the whole blog, I forgot my account because this thing constantly keeps logging me off even though it shouldn't an blah blah blah.
I'm sitting on my friend's bed with my laptop, watching her play PS3. And I thought if I had drawn anything for a while. Seems that I haven't but I found some pics that just sit in the depths of my computer so why not share and update this thing!

As I said I haven't been drawing much lately, due to a great amount of work and events (I got a full-time job) and I just haven't had the time or haven't been as interested in drawing or mainly drawing canines... in fact I don't think I have finished a single canine drawing for well over a month? HEHE. Humans seem a lot nicer subject to draw at the moment 8DDD okay I won't stop drawing animals but sometimes the subjects of interest change for a while.
.........maybe because suddenly I have a lot of interesting characters to draw, my own one and AC characters oh yeah! (can I say interesting one more time? Interesting)

 I fail engrish and explaining today urgh

But have some scribblings, some are older though
The character of mine I really enjoy drawing :D awkward pose is awkward though

some studies, done a few months back

sketch of a finished pic on da. Don't mind that shoe haha

that kitty of mine! In case you are wondering, kissa means cat in finnish :D funny thing is that  I had absolutely no recollection of this picture, I just found it. Scary

random crouching Bern!

and now that I mentioned Bern... she came up with a pose one day and I wanted to try drawing it, so here's ACB Ezio XD it shall be a Christmas card for her!! u__u Oh yeah perfectly in time. It's a WIP at the moment, but it's what I'm working on every now and then.

There it is. And I'll continue staring at that PS3 playing


  1. Noted that animals at your drawings looks calm in common, but in human characters feels inner tension.
    Animal studies and crouching Bern are too nice.

    P.S. Why not to post it at livejournal?

  2. Haha that's true now that I look at them :D
    thank you!

    I have LJ too but it's mainly for my personal stuff, not sure actually why I didn't make a whole new account there.. but wanted to try this kind of blogging system out too~! >3

  3. .^= Interesting why it's so?

    Johis, why not to post art stuff as a public notes in your existing blog?